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    Learn The Skills To Save A Life

    Follow the 3 steps below so you are equipped to save a life wherever you go. 

    1) TRAIN: Be Empowered To Save A Life  


    In Canada, we simply cannot rely on strangers and bystanders to help us if a cardiac arrest occurs. The chance that a bystander knows and will perform CPR in Canada is about 15%, according to an Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) study. In a matter of hours, you can learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a life-saving technique that is uncomplicated and easy to learn. St. John Ambulance is the largest provider of regularly scheduled first aid training programs in Canada. Get CPR trained today and be one step closer to being HeartSET everywhere you go. 


    2) EQUIP: Do you have an AED nearby? 


    Most AEDs emit clear voice prompts and have legible and visual instructions, they can be used by anyone, regardless of age or experience. In fact, using an AED is one of the easiest first aid techniques you can master. All AEDs are easy to use and possess three basic elements: a battery, a main unit that analyzes heart rhythm and generates the electrical charge, and the pads that deliver the shock. St. John Ambulance is the largest provider of AEDs in British Columbia and the Yukon.

    3) MAINTAIN: Update Your CPR Skills & AED Supplies

    In order to stay HeartSET, you must ensure your CPR training is up to date and your AED supplies are maintained. Simply re-certify your CPR training and keep a log indicating that the AED is operational, the batteries are still working, and all the components of your kit are in working order.  On average, batteries should be replaced every four years, and pads every two years.






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    St. John Ambulance BC/Yukon offers the largest range of AEDs available. Shop for your AED today and get HeartSET!