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    Learn The Skills To Save A Life 


    November is CPR Month and St. John Ambulance encourages all Canadians to have proper CPR training and learn the skills to save a life threatened by Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


    CPR is an indispensable tool in your life-saving arsenal and, when administered properly, can more than double the likelihood of saving a person’s life. Help us raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the need for more Canadians to be properly trained in CPR.



    CPR is easy as C-A-B

    Compressions: Push hard and fast on the victim's chest 

    Airway: Tilt the victim's head back and lift the chin to open the airway

    Breathing: Give mouth to mouth rescue breaths

    CPR + AED – Life-saving’s One-Two Punch

    While CPR can drastically improve survival odds, defibrillation with an AED is required to stop an abnormal heart rhythm and restore a normal one. For every one minute delay in defibrillation, a person’s survival rate decreases by 7-10%; after 12 minutes, the survival rate is less than 5%.


    By combining AED use with CPR, you can improve a person’s chances of surviving SCA by upwards of 75%. 

    If a person is unconscious and stops breathing, these steps must be started immediately:


    • Place the person on their back on a firm, flat surface

    • Place your hands on the centre of their chest

    • Position your shoulders directly over your hands; keep your elbows locked

    • Compress 30 times; push hard – push fast

    • Tilt the head back to open airway

    • Pinch the nose and make a tight seal over the mouth

    • Give two breaths

    • Continue the cycle of 30 compressions and two breaths until help arrives, the   casualty responds, or an AED instructs you to stop

    Know the location of the nearest AED 


    Most AEDs emit clear voice prompts and have legible and visual instructions. They can be used by anyone, regardless of age or experience. In fact, using an AED is one of the easiest first aid techniques you can master. All AEDs are easy to use and possess three basic elements: a battery, a main unit that analyzes heart rhythm and generates the electrical charge, and the pads that deliver the shock. 


    Find out where an AED is located near you. 




    St. John Ambulance Is A Charity 

    When you train with St. John ambulance, you directly support charitable programs making a difference in the lives of people throughout British Columbia. Find a live-saving CPR course near you today. 




    Contact our Customer Care Team at 1.866.321.2651 or by email customerservice@bc.sja.ca

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    For every one minute delay in defibrillation, a person’s survival rate decreases by 7-10%